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Day Two - Thursday 18 October


10:00 am

Service Provider Panel


Stephen Bullas, Partner & CEO, transIT Associates

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Oleg Nesterov - Founder and CEO, MindK

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Vladimir Kuzmenko - Business Development Director, NIX Solutions Ltd 

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Daniel Olsson, Managing Director, Soitron UK

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11:30 am

Sally Eaves - CEO - Sustainable Asset Exchange (SAX) and Founder Aspirational Futures

Breaking Boundaries - Applying Blockchain for Economic, Environmental and Social Impact at Scale

This keynote focuses on both awareness and the application of blockchain technology across industry verticals with dynamic real world case examples. In this year of transition, attention is drawn to skills needs and the opportunities that can be actualised from emergent technology convergence - in particular, how economic, environmental and social impact benefits can be achieved in tandem, such as with the Sustainable Asset Exchange (SAX). This aligns strongly with the aspirations of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, alongside initiatives such as Aspirational Futures which is empowering the talent needed to help deliver these critical aims.

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12:00 pm

Blockchain Panel


Sally Eaves, CEO - Sustainable Asset Exchange (SAX) and Founder Aspirational Futures

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Liliana Reasor, founder and CEO, SupraFin 

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Andrew Wright, Chief Technology Officer, SupraFin

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Piet Huige, COO, Effect.AI

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1:30 pm

Danilo Poccia, Principal Evangelist, Serverless, Amazon Web Services

The Evolution of Business Logic

Agility in developing and running IT services is a key advantage for companies of any size, from small startups to large enterprises. A more corse approach, moving from big monolithic applications to smaller components, through containerization and serverless functions, can provide the right framework, but other factors should also be considered, such as organizational impacts and the way data, and databases, are designed, managed and linked to business logic via an event-driven architecture.

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2:00 pm

Stephen Bullas, Partner & CEO, transIT Associates and Ashish Mahadwar, Chief Operating & Revenue Officer, Brillio.

Selling Your Captive - Sale & Lease-back of your Outsourcing Captive

The successful Captive ReLease divestment model brings together organisations wishing to dispose or divest themselves of an onshore or offshore Captive — a partly or fully owned subsidiary carrying out work for the parent organisation, usually in a low-cost economy — and potential acquirers specialising in Outsourcing service provision.

Very firm emphasis is placed on both discretion and client confidentiality during the process. Releasing their tied-up financial capital, management time and technical resources enables clients to change their corporate balance sheet to reflect variable offshore costs under a Managed Services agreement rather than the fixed capital costs of a fully or partly owned subsidiary and a potentially depreciating asset.

A real-life case study will demonstrate some key points of a deal which represented a landmark agreement for a major household name insurance organisation that wished to divest itself of running a fully owned offshore subsidiary but that still needed to maintain continuity of IT development and Test facilities combined with extremely low levels of staff attrition, BAU degradation and legal complexity. This was a Win-Win arrangement, not only for the client, but also for the provider who was able to increase the growth and strength of his UK operations and acquire additional technical skills at his offshore Outsourcing location.

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3:00 pm

Peta Conn, Head of Territory (Europe), Invest Northern Ireland

Why Northern Ireland should be on your radar for Outsourcing

Northern Ireland is a key location for global companies due to highly competitive operating costs and the availability of skilled people with a strong work ethic. Peta will cover the success of international companies investing and reinvesting in Northern Ireland and what the region offers in terms of capability and expertise in areas such as finance and accounting, legal services and technical support.

Peta will also cover the tailored government- funded support available for companies to access and develop the skills they need at set up and for future expansion. You will gain an insight into the assistance and advice Invest Northern Ireland, the region’s economic development agency, can provide and how we work in partnership with investors to support them in developing business, improve capability and strengthen their international competitiveness.

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3:30 pm

John David, CEO and Founder, Amnick

Challenges/Barriers and opportunities for Smart Cities and Smart Businesses when introducing new technologies

With advent of Digital is creating huge disruption and change in all aspects of our lives. John David will focus on the following for which the businesses need to be prepared for in this new Smart Era:

  • The barriers/challenges
  • The opportunities
  • The benefits of technology adoption
  • How to bring the citizens with us on the journey to Smart Cities
  • The need for Collaboration

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